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Price changed due to extra costs for raw material. 

Developed to act as a heat/flame shield in the uuni 2s 2016 model to allow cooking items that need longer cooking time or shielding from the direct heat from the burner. The top design is intended to spread the flame and keep it higher inside the oven vs. a straight edge that would cause a downward roll toward the stone when the flame passes over the edge. 

Both sizes will ship flat and will require that you bend it to one of the pre determined heights to fit your application. Top line for U3 and and bottom line for U2s.

The medium size now also fits the Bertello Napoli Pizza oven. Not for use concurrently with the Bertello combination Gas/wood burning accessory,  just gas or wood separate burners.

Developed by a third party, not approved or vetted by uuni/ Ooni.

FREE SHIPPING in Continental US, email me for a quote on other shipping.


The limited offering of the "3 star" was made to be sold through other retailers, otherwise the same, just not branded.

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